Noise measurements

World-class experts in the field of sound and vibration measurements discuss everything there is to know about noise measurement.

The most important thing to know about measuring sound measurement is that it’s the transmission of energy through vibrating air particles, which is a form of vibration. As a result, sound measurements are concerned with changes in local air pressure caused by noise energy.

You can study the following topics in this section of the course:

  • ANSI/ASA S1.4-2014/Part 1 / IEC 61672:1-2013 sound level meters and noise sampling
  • IEC 61652 noise dosimeters and noise exposure
  • IEC 61672 noise monitoring terminals and environmental noise monitoring

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Calibration What is a calibration? By ISO/IEC GUIDE 99:2007, calibration is an operation that establishes a relation between the quantity values and corresponding indications. A

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Noise Monitoring

Noise Monitoring Noise monitoring involves long-term sound monitoring without human interaction and can be categorized into workplace monitoring and environmental noise monitoring.  What is a

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sound measurement svantek

Sound measurements

Sound Measurements Accurate sound measurements are essential for understanding and controlling sound in various applications, including acoustics, audio engineering, and environmental science. Sound Measurements Overview

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sound level meter

Sound Level Meter

Sound Level Meter When purchasing a sound level meter, look for a brand with a good reputation for quality and reliability, and consider additional features.

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dosimetry svantek


Dosimeter A dosimeter is a portable measuring instrument that is worn on personal clothing. Usually, a dosimeter is attached to clothes with mounting clips, hence

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Best noise dosimeter

Keypad with locking feature  Strong mounting clips LED diode with alarm feature  Bluetooth modem Windscreen with a mounting thread MEMS Microphone Colour display USB connector

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Tonality What is tonality? Tonality is a measure of sound quality that correlates to how humans perceive the tonal components of sound. The tonality analysis

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What is Sound?

What is Sound? A sound is a form of energy that travels through the air, in a form of vibration of air particles. A sound

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Speech Intelligibility

Speech Intelligibility

Speech Intelligibility What is speech intelligibility? Speech intelligibility refers to how well someone can be understood when they’re speaking. The speech that is transmitted across

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RT60 Reverberation Time

RT60 Reverberation Time What is RT60 Reverberation Time? RT60 reverberation time is the main room acoustic parameter. Following ISO 3382, it is the duration required

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sound level meter for classroom

Noise in schools

The noise in schools is said to be a major stress factor by almost 80% of those who teach in schools. There are also examples

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