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Who are Svantek Consultants?

We are part of SVANTEK, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of noise and vibration measurement instruments such as noise monitoring stations, sound level meters, noise dosimeters, and many others. Thanks to the mutual exchange of knowledge and experience and access to the latest measurement equipment, we are able to provide the highest quality measurement, analysis, and training services at home and abroad. Our team, consisting of specialists in many fields, will help you tailor optimal solutions to the problems and challenges in the field of acoustics and vibroacoustic.

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Expertise in Noise and Vibration Measurement

SVANTEK, a leading global manufacturer of vibration and noise measurement equipment, is dedicated to delivering exceptional resources and expertise in the industry. Equipped with advanced measuring tools and the capability to calibrate in accredited labs, SVANTEK guarantees trustworthy and precise results for its clients.


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State-of-the-Art Laboratory

Our state-of-the-art laboratory boasts a team of elite specialists in the field of noise and vibration measurement. Our experts have extensive experience and a deep understanding of electroacoustics, combined with proficiency in the latest measurement technologies. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional results for our clients.


The laboratory aims to:

  • Ensure accuracy and consistency in all measurements within the SI system
  • Maintain reliability, impartiality, and confidentiality in services and customer relationships
  • Build customer trust and satisfaction through timely, quality services
  • Avoid any actions that could compromise employee competence and impartiality
  • Continuously improve the management system and employee skills


To achieve these goals, the laboratory focuses on:

  • Developing its technical base and using the latest measurement methods
  • Adhering to agreed methods and customer requirements
  • Participating in proficiency tests and interlaboratory comparisons
  • Monitoring measurement quality and considering customer feedback
  • Fostering employee satisfaction and professional development
  • Improving the management system for effectiveness and efficiency.


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