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Meet our range of noise and vibration meters designed for measurements at work and dedicated software and mobile applications.
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Noise and Vibration Monitors

Learn about our noise and vibration monitoring systems and our latest remote communication and automatic monitoring services.
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Sound and Vibration Measurement Instrumentation

SVANTEK is a leading manufacturer of sound and vibration measurement instrumentation and software for professional use in the field of occupational noise, human vibrations, environmental noise monitoring, and building and ground vibrations.With quality and technical excellence at the heart of the company’s concept, our noise and vibration monitors are second to none.

Innovative noise and vibration leadership

We understand our clients’ needs and strive to ensure that our products meet both current and future market demands at SVANTEK. As a result, our equipment has the most outstanding reputation for its breakthroughs, and our SVANTEK team, which includes acousticians and vibroacoustic specialists, guarantees the finest technical support.

A new generation of professional meters

The SV 971A sound level meter, SV 307A noise monitor, SV 104 noise dosimeter, and SV 106A human vibration meter are key innovations in the field of professional sound and vibration measurement.

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Noise and Vibration


SvanPC++ Software

We provide free software

SVANTEK users get free access to software and mobile apps, PC applications, and other software for noise and vibration analysis. Follow the link to obtain programs such as Building Acoustics Assistant, SvanPC++, Supervisor, or SvanNET Application.

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SvanPC++ Software

SvanPC++ is an advanced PC software supporting SVANTEK measuring instruments including SV10x, SVAN 95x and SVAN 97x series. The basic software offers functions of editing...

Supervisor Software

Supervisor is a free PC software package dedicated for the whole family of Svantek instruments for health and safety market including sound level meters, noise dosimeters and...