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Meet our range of noise and vibration meters designed for measurements at work and dedicated software and mobile applications.
SVANTEK Sound and Vibration

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Sound and Vibration Measurement Instrumentation

At SVANTEK we design and manufacture the professional instrumentation for the measurement and analysis of sound & vibration. Our product have the best reputation for their innovations and our SVANTEK team, consisting of experts in the field of acoustics and vibroacoustic ensure the best technical support.

At SVANTEK we understand the needs of our customers and we strive to ensure that our products meet both current and future market needs. Our range of noise and vibration monitors is second to none with both quality and technical excellence being at the core of the company’s philosophy.

Celebrating 30 years of industry experience, SVANTEK has established itself as one of the leading innovators in sound & vibration products, with a global reputation for producing some of the most accurate and reliable instruments on the market.

Svantek’s President Wieslaw Barwicz states that “Svantek is proud to be the leading provider of sound and vibration instruments worldwide with some of the largest infrastructure sites, racetracks, bridges and space agencies using our tools to ensure reliable measurement, safety and compliance”.



SVANTEK Sound and Vibration

Measurement Systems


SVANTEK Sound and Vibration

Comprehensive System Management

Software is a key element of measurement systems. Svantek software includes both instrument firmware, mobile applications, PC applications and on-line software in the SvanNET cloud.

Svantek customers can download Svantek software updates free of charge from a dedicated section. You must log in to download the software.

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SvanPC++ Software

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Supervisor Software

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