Acoustic Measurements

traffic noise

Traffic noise

Traffic noise The operation of vehicles creates traffic noise that can be an annoyance to residents and the environment. High noise levels pose a threat

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room acoustics measurement

Indoor Noise

Indoor Noise Indoor noise is the noise that arises or reaches the interior of buildings. Indoor noise can be divided into indoor noise and outdoor

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halas przemyslowy

Industrial Noise

Industrial Noise Industrial noise is the sound emitted into the environment by industrial plants or installations. Emission measurements are conducted for such noise. What is

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halas impulsowy

Impulse noise

Impulse Noise Impulse noise according to ISO 1996-1:2006 is a sound characterized by sudden, short-lived spikes in sound pressure. What is impulse noise? Impulse noise

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hałas lotniczy

Aircraft Noise

Aircraft Noise Aircraft noise in relation to airports is a type of noise generated by aircraft during takeoffs, landings, and maneuvers on the airport premises.

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acoustics maps graphics section

Noise map

Noise Map A noise map is created for cities with populations of more than 100,000 major roads, airports, and railroads.   What is a strategic

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acoustics insulation measurement

Sound insulation

Sound insulation Sound insulation is the resistance of a partition (walls or ceiling) to the transmission of airborne or impact sounds. What is sound insulation?

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building acoustics

Building Acoustics

Building Acoustics Building acoustics covers issues such as sound transmission through partitions, the acoustic parameters of interiors, or the propagation of sound waves in rooms.

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what is acoustics

What is acoustics

What is acoustics? What should you know about acoustics? What is the definition of acoustics? By definition, acoustics is a “branch of physics and technology”

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acoustic measurement

Acoustic measurements

Acoustic Measurements Acoustic measurements are a set of measurement methods:measurements of acoustic parameters of rooms, measurements of noise, acoustic power, or emission. What are acoustic

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