Environmental effects

What are the consequences of environmental noise and vibration?

noise directivity

Noise directivity

Noise Directivity Improved Methods Of Noise Sources Identification Addressing the role of noise directivity in environmental noise monitoring, this study presents a comparative analysis of

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Whole-body vibrations

Whole-Body Vibrations Whole-body vibrations are mechanical vibrations that enter the human body in the frequency range of 0.1 to 80 Hz. A typical source of

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Vibration Monitoring in Construction

Vibration Monitoring Guide

Comprehensive Guide to Vibration Monitors, Sensors, Noise, and Dust Monitoring in Construction: Real-Time Analysis and Equipment Vibration monitoring in construction encompasses the use of advanced

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sound energy

Sound Energy

Sound Energy: Definition, Characteristics, and Measurement Techniques Sound energy is a form of mechanical energy propagated through mediums such as air, water, or solids, emanating

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noise in schools

Noise in schools

Noise in schools Noise in schools can be a major stress factor for teachers, with almost 80% of educators reporting it as a significant concern.

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Noise at Work

Noise at Work Noise at work can have adverse effects on employees’ health and productivity, and there are various regulations and measures in place to

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Construction vibration monitoring

Construction Vibration Monitoring Construction vibration monitoring involves measuring and analyzing vibrations generated by construction activities, with a focus on parameters like amplitude, frequency, duration, direction,

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dosimetry svantek


Dosimeter A dosimeter is a portable measuring instrument that is worn on personal clothing. Usually, a dosimeter is attached to clothes with mounting clips, hence

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