26 June 2024

Dual-Channel Noise Dosimeter

The SV 102A+ may not be the newest addition to our product line, but it remains a remarkably innovative Class 1 noise dosimeter that many sound professionals have yet to fully discover.

The advanced technology in the SV 102A+ positions it as an essential tool for occupational noise monitoring, ensuring compliance with stringent health and safety regulations. Its adaptability across various settings makes it an indispensable asset for a wide range of industries and environments. The SV 102A+ has already proven its value in numerous applications, including as crew equipment in space missions organized by the American space agency.

Explore the groundbreaking features of the Svantek SV 102A+ in our latest video! Designed to revolutionize occupational noise monitoring, this Class 1 noise dosimeter offers unparalleled precision and adaptability across various workplaces. Discover its innovative MIRE (Microphone in Real Ear) and dual-channel capabilities, elevating standards in noise exposure assessment.