13 May 2024

FTP Direct Functionality
for Environmental Projects

Why Do Customers Choose Svantek SV 307A and SV 803 FTP Direct Functionality for Large Environmental Projects?

What are Svantek SV 307A and SV 803?

Svantek SV 307A and SV 803 are state-of-the-art monitors designed for robust, long-term noise and vibration monitoring in challenging outdoor environments. These devices are ideal for a variety of applications including military operations, automotive testing, construction sites, urban areas, and traffic routes. They are equipped with 4G modems that facilitate efficient data transfer and reliable alarm communications, making them suitable for comprehensive environmental monitoring.

What is FTP Direct?

FTP Direct is a robust feature within Svantek measuring instruments that integrates both FTP push and FTP pull functionalities. FTP Push allows the instruments to automatically transmit data files directly to a client’s FTP server. This feature allows full control over the data, which is critical for sensitive and precise monitoring requirements found in sectors such as aviation, military, and manufacturing. On the other hand, FTP Pull enables the instruments to download and execute files from an FTP server, such as configuration settings that can be directly applied to the measurement process. Combining these capabilities, FTP Direct ensures efficient and seamless data management, facilitating both the remote updating of settings and the uploading of data for comprehensive analysis.

Why do customers choose FTP Direct for large environmental monitoring projects?

The FTP Direct functionality is highly valued in large environmental projects due to its capacity to seamlessly integrate noise and vibration data with other types of environmental data. This integration is essential for projects that monitor multiple environmental parameters simultaneously, such as water quality, gas emissions, air pollution, and meteorological conditions. The ability to merge data into a single system in a uniform format (CSV) simplifies data management and enhances the analysis process, enabling more informed decision-making.

How much does the FTP Direct cost?

The FTP Direct feature is activated through a firmware code specific to each monitor’s serial number, representing a one-time cost. There are no recurring fees, apart from the necessary expenses related to the internet connection, which depend on the SIM card chosen by the customer for use in the SV 307A or SV 803 units. Offering the Lowest Cost of Ownership in the industry, Svantek monitors with FTP Direct are a preferred choice for extensive environmental monitoring projects.

How to Obtain an Offer for Svantek Monitoring Solutions?

To explore the possibilities and obtain an offer tailored to your specific project needs with Svantek Monitoring Solutions, simply use the contact forms available on our website. Describe your project in detail, and our professional consultants will guide you through our extensive product range. They will recommend the right solutions to ensure that your environmental monitoring is as efficient and effective as possible. Don’t hesitate to reach out—our team is ready to assist you in selecting the ideal monitoring setup for your large-scale projects.

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