29 January 2024

SV 102A+ with MIRE and Dual-Channel Technology

Discover the Untapped Potential in UK Noise Compliance

The SV 102A+, while not a new addition to our product line, remains a remarkably innovative Class 1 noise dosimeter that many in the UK are yet to fully discover. It’s a device that significantly elevates the standards of occupational noise monitoring with its MIRE (Microphone in Real Ear) and dual-channel features.

This advanced dosimeter is designed to meet the complex and diverse noise monitoring needs of various UK workplaces, offering unparalleled precision. The dual-channel input allows simultaneous noise measurements on both sides of the head or even combines external and internal noise exposure assessments – a critical feature for workplaces with dominant directional noise sources or those requiring detailed analysis of hearing protection efficiency.

The MIRE measurement technique, unique to the SV 102A+, is particularly beneficial for environments like call centers or military applications, where traditional dosimetry methods fall short. By placing a specialized microphone probe at the ear canal entrance, the SV 102A+ captures the true impact of noise exposure in scenarios where the sound source is near the ear, such as under pilot helmets or in headsets.

This advanced technology positions the SV 102A+ as an essential tool for UK businesses aiming to enhance their occupational noise monitoring and ensure compliance with stringent health and safety regulations. Its adaptability across different settings makes it an indispensable asset for a broad range of industries looking to safeguard their workforce against noise-induced hearing loss.

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