Svantek UK

About Svantek UK: Expertise and Services in Sound and Vibration

Svantek UK Ltd, a subsidiary of the Poland-based Svantek, is an eminent provider of noise, vibration, and air quality measurement solutions. Located at 11 Abbey Court, Fraser Road, Priory Business Park, Bedford MK44 3WH, Svantek UK was established in January 2011 as a joint venture between Svantek and AcSoft Ltd, the latter having previously distributed Svantek’s products in the UK. This strategic partnership marked a significant step in expanding Svantek’s expertise and presence in the UK market, focusing initially on the health and safety sector.

With over three decades of experience, Svantek has been at the forefront of innovation in sound and vibration monitoring technologies. Their product range includes noise and vibration measurement systems, air quality monitoring equipment, acoustic imaging, and specialized software. Svantek UK brings these advanced technologies to the UK, catering to diverse industries such as construction, automotive, aerospace, and defense. Among their notable offerings are the SV 803 Vibration Monitoring Station and the SV 307A Noise Monitoring Station, which exemplify their commitment to quality and technical excellence.

Svantek UK’s establishment as a key player in both the domestic and international markets is a testament to its continuous innovation and focus on customer satisfaction. They strive to meet the evolving demands of the market with high-quality instruments and tailored solutions.