EURONOISE 2021 e-Exhibition

25.10.2021 | Madeira, Portugal - online

EURONOISE 2021 e-Congress and e-Exhibition

Euronoise 2021 congress will take place October (25th-27th), as an online Congress, organized by the Portuguese Acoustical Society (SPA), on behalf of the European Acoustical Association (EAA); Euronoise 2021 will also integrate the Iberian Encounter of Acoustics and the Spanish Congress of Acoustics – Tecniacústica2021. This Congress, will have the collaboration and participation of European specialists and technicians, aiming to provide an opportunity to meet professionals from the technical-scientific community in the area of Acoustics and, at the same time, contribute to a dissemination of the various activities that these professionals carry out and in which they are engaged.

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