22 March 2023

Svantek in the 2022 edition
of the TOP100 Polish OEM report

🏆🏅We are pleased to share that Svantek has been ranked 50th out of 100 tech companies in the 2022 edition of the TOP100 Polish OEM report. This report focuses on tech companies that produce electronics and highlights the growth of 76 out of 100 companies, indicating a clear shift compared to previous years.

The ranking only includes companies with Polish institutional or individual capital, excluding those with over 50% of shares or stocks in foreign ownership. It also focuses on companies for whom electronics are of significant importance and contributes to the added value of their products. Additionally, the ranking only considers companies that produce or design their products in Poland. Group companies are included, but only where their electronics-related revenue is significant.

We are proud to be recognized among the top 100 Polish tech companies producing electronics.