Vibration measurements

Vibration measurements in the UK

Vibration measurements are frequently the sole method to detect and prevent any damage to structures, machinery, or even human health. Understanding the various indicators used in measuring vibration is complicated, but it’s essential to comprehend how RMS and PEAK values are calculated based on distinct vibrational velocity and acceleration signals.

The second part of the Academy covers the following topics:

  • hand-arm and whole-body vibration and vibration exposure following ISO standards
  • building and ground vibrations monitoring following DIN and BS standards
  • machine vibration measurements following ISO standards

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ams wireless vibration monitor

Vibration monitor

4G modem 3-axial vibration sensors (geophones) Solar panel connector Waterproof connectors military standard External antenna connector Bluetooth modem Internal battery (up to 6 months) IP

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Noise Monitoring

Noise monitoring entails long-term sound monitoring without the need for human interaction. There are two main types of sound monitoring: workplace monitoring and environmental noise

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Calibration What is a calibration? According to ISO/IEC GUIDE 99:2007, calibration is an operation that establishes a relation between the quantity values and corresponding indications.

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