29 January 2024

SV200A: Noise Monitoring with Advanced Noise Directivity

Discover the intriguing story of how the SV200A Noise Monitoring Station shed light on an unusual noise event that posed the bizarre question: “Can dogs fly?” The twist? A barking dog’s noise, seemingly coming from above a 4-meter high microphone, leads to a series of intriguing theories and an unexpected revelation. This captivating case study showcases the SV200A’s exceptional capabilities in noise directivity detection, both horizontally and vertically. By utilizing advanced features like audio recording, GPS localisation, and precise noise directivity analysis, the SV200A dissects complex acoustic environments to reveal the true sources of sound. Join us on this fascinating journey through acoustic mysteries and find out how the SV200A proves to be an indispensable tool in environmental noise measurement and analysis.

Equipped with four strategically positioned microphones, the SV200A excels in detecting the direction of dominant noise sources, offering a new level of insight into noise pollution sources. This technology empowers environmental professionals to make informed decisions, ensuring compliance with UK noise regulations and aiding in effective urban planning and public health measures. The SV200A’s noise directivity feature is more than just a technical advancement; it’s a tool that fosters a deeper understanding of our acoustic environment, leading to smarter, more sustainable noise management solutions across the UK.

advanced noise directivity