Noise Monitor
SV 307A

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class 1

Class 1
IEC 61672
Type Approval

MEMS microphone


system check

System Check

4G communication

4G Transfer
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noise logging

Noise Data
Audio Recording
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4G antenna



MEMS microphone

Remote system check


World's first Noise Monitor
with a MEMS microphone

  • Life-time warranty on the MEMS microphone and 3-year warranty for hardware
  • The use of MEMS microphones in NMT ensures that parameters such as linear operating range, frequency response, directional response, and temperature operating range are conformed to IEC 61672-1 (PTB Type Approval)
  • Long-term stability is ensured by the dynamic system check based on the real acoustic signal measured. The dynamic system check works remotely and uses a continuous comparison of microphones’ sensitivity
  • In addition to the dynamic system check the acoustic signal source can be used for remote offline microphone testing (e.g. with a 100 dB level)
  • The use of MEMS microphones ensures a great immunity to radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) and environmental resiliency. This resiliency to varying environmental conditions is particularly important for long-term acoustic monitoring applications in the harsh sub-zero winters and hot and humid summers. The noise monitor based on MEMS operating temperature range is specified from (−20 °C) to +60 °C 
  • Noise monitoring based on MEMS microphones is very easy to integrate with other environmental monitoring systems at a low cost, e.g. easy integration of a weather monitoring module and dust monitor
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